Size Guide



About the size of a small closet, these units are ideal for storing small furniture, camping supplies, boxes and other small items. Also, ideal for seasonal items and gardening tools.



Roughly the size of a walk-in closet, perfect for items which can be stacked, a small desk and chairs.



Approximately the size of an average bedroom, ideal for storing a one-bedroom apartment, or boxed items and a few appliances. 



This space is a little larger than the 10x10, and would be a great option for storing a small one or two bedroom apartment. If you have a motorcycle or ATV's, this might be the right unit for you. 


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A unit large enough to store the contents of a 4-bedroom house or 3-4 office spaces.




About the size of a large one car garage, this unit would be perfect for a medium to large sized house including garage items, or a vehicle and boxes.

All unit sizes are approximate and might be slightly larger or smaller than advertised. We recommend you measure your items and view the space before renting to make sure it is the perfect size.  This guide and the Self Storage Calculator is for informational purposes only. Our storage team will gladly help you determine the best options for you based on your needs (360) 793-3832.